Richard Johnson :: Piano

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February 15th 2017- JALC Dizzy's NYC  7:30pm and 9:30pm

February 16th 2017- Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival Rockville MD 8pm

February 23rd- March 4th 2017 Doha Qatar

March 5th-10th NYC Pulaski, WI  High school tour

March 10th-13th Chicago IL Grantsburg High school tour

March 19th-24th Orlando FL, MCcray High school tour

March 25th-28th Chicago,IL  Richfield, MN High school tour

March 29th-April 2nd Chicago, IL Edgewater, WI High school tour

April 5th-9th Chicago. IL Mauldin, WI  High school tour

April 10th-13th Chicago, Il Sioux Falls Christian Academy High school tour

April 21st-22nd Eau Claire, Wi Jazz festival Judicator

April 23rd-June 15th Doha Qatar