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Here I Am!

By: Richard Johnson

The CD "Here I am" is a Cd about a young man who comes home from WWII and tries to figure out what to do with his life. The CD contains Instrumental jazz trio songs, Quartet, Quintet and Broadway songs for you to enjoy! The instrumentation for the songs are Piano, Acoustic Bass, Drums, Trumpet, and Vocals. Please enjoy! 2013


Battle Grounds

By: Richard Doron Johnson

However, Battle Grounds is worthy of some serious listening. All but two of the nine songs are originals. At a time when musicians can pour all of their technical virtuosity into making music that is impressive but not necessarily appealing, Johnson has created something noteworthy: an album of music that is a genuine pleasure to hear. 2010


Music is Business

By: Richard Doron Johnson

Music is Business was recorded and mixed and mastered in 2016 by while he was living in Doha Qatar.  This CD reflects his day to day life while living abroad for four years.  2017

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2 of a Kind

By: Richard Doron Johnson

2 of a Kind is a collaboration between Gregory Generet and Richard Johnson . Richard wrote and arranged most of the songs and Gregory added his Soultry voice to the recording to make it a winning dynamic. 2018

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